1. petersbeagle:

    Covered in this last-minute Raven:

    -Santa Cruz gets a visit from Peter and The Last Unicorn on Sunday (tomorrow!)

    -We kick off the Canadian tour (and ask if we can stay at your house)

    And we have NEWS for the unbelievably patient fans who are waiting for copies of The Last…

    Yeah be careful with pre-orders on these items.  Some of those things they mention are pre-orders from at least 2006.  And there is no note of the Deluxe Last Unicorn books that were sold in 2009 and not delivered.  No refunds were ever offered for these items, so patient fans is something of a misnomer.

    Seriously, do not bother ordering through Conlan Press.  If you really want something, wait until it is available through Amazon.  At least then you don’t get charged if the item is never delivered

  2. endofdaysonmars:


    A study in panel borders:
    Inspired by this awesome post about making comics quickly, I took a look at some comics I own to get some sense of different kinds of panel design choices.

    I came away feeling like I’d learned a little less than I’d hoped, but here are some takeaways:

    * You can get away with smaller panels than you think
    * Extremely weird comic panels CAN work, but when it fails it looks painful and forced.
    * Simple is not bad.
    * There are actually a LOT of possible combinations.

    Specific notes:

    Scott McCloud uses a 4x3 sliceup of the page, and it’s four VERTICAL slices and three HORIZONTAL ones, which is weird because it makes the panels, on average, LESS square. This works with the particular comic really WELL though, because he draws himself in closeup, talking, a LOT.

    DAR and Narbonic both are webcomics mashed into book format, but both worked surprisingly well as page layout in the end.

    Blacksad is REALLY variable and the page layouts are hand-crafted on a per-page basis. No speed gains here, but perhaps a message that full custom has its place.

    The Resonator is fairly formal but never *too* rigid with panel choices. Lots of narrow or tall panels, which works as a way to alternate between big establishing shots and dense dialog. Very tall panels for single speaker, long ones for two-person dialog or to combine a lot of text and visuals. In general, Resonator is print-native and has TINY text…

    Ultimate X-Men is a fun read but the panel design is a disaster. Almost none of the choices of graphic design work at all. Occasionally an establishing shot hits home, but in general the layout is trying WAY too hard.

    Watchmen. Formalism raised to the ultimate. It’s precise, it’s a 3x3 grid, it’s piss-on-a-plate-with-no-spills precise and that’s fine, for two reasons: one, everything is about time, and two, it gets the panels the hell out of the way of the story.

    Augustus is an example of what Ultimate X-Men was trying to do, except it succeeds. Lots of variation, but on average very orderly. Kind of strikes me as the sort of thing you “have to be GOOD” to pull off well.


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    The Cinematography of The Incredibles Part 1 & Part 2

    Shot Analysis


    this is required reading for every layout artist/storyboarder seriously

    Really great notes and analysis in Floobynooby’s post. Still working my way through it all but I highly recommend giving it a read.


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  4. schmautojoy:


    A great great Lady passed away….

    Source and more here : http://todaysinspiration.blogspot.ca/2013/12/in-memory-of-sheilah-beckett.html

    "At the time of her passing (100 years old), Sheilah was working on a new "Little Golden Book" for Random House - illustrating The Nutcracker - and working digitally, with a Wacom tablet in Photoshop"

    Such an inspiration, such an example ….

    Very sad news. Huge, huge inspiration to me and she is one of the reasons I draw. I feel spectacularly grateful I was able to buy a commission from her two years ago. I feel very lucky she shared her work with us all.

    In honor

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  5. oecologia:

    The Colorful Siamese Fighting Fish by visarute angkatavanich.


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  6. fuckyeahfinalfantasy6:

    love final fantasy vi? like to draw? then join in the final fantasy vi art jam, a collaborative project honouring an amazing game with some beautiful fanart! sign ups and rule information are available at the jam google doc and it’s first come first serve— so don’t hesitate!

    spread the word, reblog and tell your artsy friends! magitektastic.

    FFVI all :D

  7. urhajos:

    Amazing paper art by Yulia Brodskaya

    I love paper art

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  8. animationtidbits:


    Hey guys, this is a thing I’m doing.

    The Art of Color & Light - Ryan Lang & Mingjue Helen Chen

    CGMA are good people

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    Le Pater - Alphonse Mucha

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  10. FFXIV:ARR Artbook - Imgur